Bokeh to the max

Shot at Longwood Gardens railroad display with the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 on the Sony A65. This is my favorite Minolta lens and my #1 walking around lens. Great for portraits and low light situations. It’s razor sharp and creates beautiful bokeh when wide open. ¬†Available on eBay for approximately $50.00. Can’t go wrong. Minolta AF […]

Bombay Hook sunrise

Bombay Hook in October

Great trip to Bombay Hook NWR for fall migration. You haven’t seen a sunrise until you see it at Bombay Hook. Always spectacular! Some hints for visiting: Hilton Garden Inn, Dover: Really great place to stay that is on Route 13. About 5 miles to the Waffle House and a 20 minute trip to the […]

Bokeh crazy

Bokeh can be beautiful. It can also be crazy. Especially when using the Minolta MD Rokkor-X 500mm mirror lens. Because the lens is not refractive¬†it requires a careful choice of background to avoid doughnut bokeh. Catadioptric lenses use two mirrors. The secondary mirror partially blocks the main mirror blocking out the center of each light […]

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