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Eagle Watching at Conowingo

This past Saturday we wandered down to Conowingo Dam to watch some eagles. The first thing we saw was THIS:





But there were eagles. And vultures!


photo by D. Klapholz


photo by D. Klapholz


But the best thing, the very best thing, I saw all day was …. TRIXIE!



A Day in Dover, Delaware

Day trip down to Dover to see the Air Mobility Command Museum . Wow. What a great museum (except for the creepy dummies) and it is totally free. We brought a picnic lunch, walked the airfield and toured the hangar museum. Some of the planes are open so you can actually see the interiors. One of the stars of the airfield is Air Force Two, recently retired. Unfortunately it was not open the day we were there, but the place is so cool I’d go back just to see the inside of Air Force Two.

On the ride home we opted for Route 9. Slower but oh so scenic. It meanders along the coastal area of Delaware right along the various wildlife refuges and preserved areas. Bombay Hook being the largest. We stopped on occasion to just sit and watch the birds and enjoy the quiet. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROUTE NINE.

A Longwood visit

Beautiful day for a short walk in Longwood Gardens. Strangely warm. I think it is somewhere in the mid 60′s. Windy but lovely!

If you are, perchance, thinking about a trip to see the “Spring Blooms” you may want to wait a bit longer. The only blooming is in the conservatory. The Flower Garden Walk has tons of green shoots but no blooms. Same for the trees.

The most people I have seen at Brandywine Battlefield since the PHMC cut the knees out from under ALL the Revolutionary War sites in the State of PA. Of course if you want to visit the Log Museum or the Oil Derrick you are just fine. I’m sure that cutting out the funding for all the Rev War and F&I sites and keeping the lame-ass industrial sites in the middle of nowhere had absolutely nothing to do with the makeup of the committee and where the sites were located. JUST SAYIN’.

Also great to see that the items that were looted from the battlefield’s museum collection by PHMC have been returned.

This past weekend I attended the Revolutionary War muster at the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Creek State Park. Great fun! It is a working 18th century farm with an onsite ‘farmer’ and ‘farmer’s wife’ that live on the farm and maintain it. They also have heritage livestock including a great sow with her wee piglets.


January 27 Snowstorm

14+ inches. Oy. Wet and heavy snow = tree damage. Unfortunately. The white birch? I should have known. The upper 1/3 was dying off. My landscaper warned me about it just a few months ago. The damage to the purple plums is actually a blessing. They have needed removal for some time but I kept putting it off and putting it off because I like the spring show they put on. But they are not strong trees nor ones that live long lives. So, adieu.

clearing snow from part 2 of the storm

If you didn’t see the Betsy Ross exhibit at Winterthur, shame on you. It was wonderful. It did an excellent job debunking all the mythology and presenting the true history of this famous lady in a very easy accessible manner. It was all about who she actually was and what she actually did while gently saying, ‘that crapola you were fed in school? the stuff about George Washington, the first U.S. flag, and the stars all in a circle? Uh, NO’.

ALSO. There was a very fine exhibit of close stools. Nothing better than that. XD

Of course I was going to take pictures of the chamber pots and urinals. Of COURSE.

Close stools of various varieties

A porcelain pot that was used as a flowerpot by Henri DuPont

Some pretty urinals. I particularly like the cat.