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Shenandoah Dark Hollow Falls

Shenandoah Dreaming

Today is all about dreaming of Shenandoah National Park and vacation time. I can’t wait to get back there. Can’t wait!! The photo is of Dark Hollow Falls, a short but wicked hike. But…

Boone Homestead

PHMC Charter Day

This Sunday, March 8, is Charter Day for all the PHMC sites. What that means is great programming and free admission! As sad as I am about the PHMC policies in recent years that…

Longwood Gardens Orchids

Longwood Gardens Orchids

After weeks of brutal cold, yesterday the temps went to 45 degrees. Seemed like summer! Perfect day for a stroll through Longwood Gardens to see the orchids. And Lilies!        

photo by Dave Klapholz

Eagle time at Conowingo

It’s that time of year. The bald eagles are arriving at Conowingo Dam! Eagles are there year round but in the fall the numbers really increase. Conowingo is a pit stop on their migration…



On Saturday I went to the Marcus Hook Pirate Festival. As an added bonus The Seadogs were singing. The size of this festival always amazes me not just in terms of participants but in…



Last night we went to Movie Night in the local park followed by fireworks. It was small town Americana, and that is not a criticism.┬áThe movie was fun. It was the Lego movie and…

Woodpecker Suet Feeder

Minolta 500mm Mirror

Manual focus. Fixed f8 aperture. Added an adapter to get it onto the A-mount Sony, It can only focus in a very narrow band. No infinity focus. The adapter changes the focal length and…