Tree Swallow Explored!

Mr. Old School strikes again with his photo of a tree swallow at John Heinz NWR. Such beautiful birds. Jewel-toned, shining blue feathers.  This was shot at 300mm requiring a bit of stealth and patience to get close enough for the capture. Shot with the Sony a500 and the Minolta 75-300mm at 300mm.


An early morning at Bombay Hook NWR

Sunrise at Bombay Hook NWR is a glorious thing to experience. It was absolutely worth waking up at 3:45 a.m. We hung around Raymond Pool for about an hour watching the avocets, ducks, herons, and bald eagles. Tree swallows everywhere. I totally love American coots and wasn’t disappointed. We even saw wild turkeys off along […]


Photo contests worth a look

I personally am not a great fan of photo contests in general. And emphatically not interested in any contest that charges a fee to enter. That being said, I do like the idea of photo contests that support and advertise the National Park system, the US Fish and Wildlife refuge system, and the National Historic […]

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