Pileated Woodpecker Explored!

Nice surprise to find the pileated woodpecker shot by Mr. Old School is up on Flickr’s Explore! We were actually hunting the frog pond for photo ops when the pileated flew down and stated attacking the rotted stump. Had a quick window to get a couple of shots before he was chased away by a […]


Tree Swallow Explored!

Mr. Old School strikes again with his photo of a tree swallow at John Heinz NWR. Such beautiful birds. Jewel-toned, shining blue feathers.  This was shot at 300mm requiring a bit of stealth and patience to get close enough for the capture. Shot with the Sony a500 and the Minolta 75-300mm at 300mm.


An early morning at Bombay Hook NWR

Sunrise at Bombay Hook NWR is a glorious thing to experience. It was absolutely worth waking up at 3:45 a.m. We hung around Raymond Pool for about an hour watching the avocets, ducks, herons, and bald eagles. Tree swallows everywhere. I totally love American coots and wasn’t disappointed. We even saw wild turkeys off along […]

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