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WCU Winter/Spring Magazine 2013 0

The Magazine

32-36 page, full color magazine. 3 issues per year. I’ve been designing the magazine since 2012. It is by far one of my favorite things to do.  

photo by Dave Klapholz

Eagle time at Conowingo

It’s that time of year. The bald eagles are arriving at Conowingo Dam! Eagles are there year round but in the fall the numbers really increase. Conowingo is a pit stop on their migration...



You can’t make this up. You really can’t. Two weeks ago a Comcast subcontractor, Royal Cable, cut the FIOS lines coming to the house. Part of the responsibility is Verizon’s because they couldn’t be...



On Saturday I went to the Marcus Hook Pirate Festival. As an added bonus The Seadogs were singing. The size of this festival always amazes me not just in terms of participants but in...



Last night we went to Movie Night in the local park followed by fireworks. It was small town Americana, and that is not a criticism. I will however, criticize (because, ya know, that’s how...

Sad businesswoman

HR? Get OUT of the hiring business

From the “Ask the Headhunter” website. I’ve extracted some of the real gems, but you should read the whole article because this is truth to power. In spades. Better question: Should Human Resources (HR)...


Mary Anning

From Wikipedia: Mary Anning (21 May 1799 – 9 March 1847) was a British fossil collector, dealer, and palaeontologist who became known around the world for important findings she made in the Jurassic marine fossil beds at Lyme Regis in Dorset, a county in Southwest...