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hannukah menorah

What they said

From WebMD: “Many chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc., are ‘invisible,’” Fennell says. “People go to work or volunteer or shuttle kids to school. Most of the time, they don’t look…

Sad businesswoman

I’m tired of being played.

Whatever. Tired of being on the bottom of the pile. The occupational group I work in, once upon a time, had a social contract with the government that employs us. Lower salaries in exchange…

bokeh lights

Here we go again

That Christmas thing, I mean. Particularly the office Christmas thing. The mandatory office Christmas party thing. Specifically. Okay, to be fair, only one of the three is mandatory fun. But I’m not sure the…

photo by Dave Klapholz

Eagle time at Conowingo

It’s that time of year. The bald eagles are arriving at Conowingo Dam! Eagles are there year round but in the fall the numbers really increase. Conowingo is a pit stop on their migration…



You can’t make this up. You really can’t. Two weeks ago a Comcast subcontractor, Royal Cable, cut the FIOS lines coming to the house. Part of the responsibility is Verizon’s because they couldn’t be…



On Saturday I went to the Marcus Hook Pirate Festival. As an added bonus The Seadogs were singing. The size of this festival always amazes me not just in terms of participants but in…



Dodged the stress fracture bullet but still left with pretty much the same effect. Shin pain and an air cast for the next month. Something called periostitis which is essentially shin splints gone wild….


Today I had an MRI

Lower leg. Possible tibia stress fracture. I really hate having MRI’s because of one horrible experience with Main Line Health and their radiology service. I asked for an open MRI and didn’t get it. When…