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Jimmie the giraffe at Plumpton Park Zoo

A trip to the Plumpton Park Zoo

Very nice small zoo. Quite a number of animals. More than I thought there would be! My favorite? JIMMIE THE GIRAFFE. The zoo is located on MD 473 not far from Conowingo Dam. After…


Emmy Noether

From Wikipedia Emmy Noether (German: [ˈnøːtɐ]; official name Amalie Emmy Noether;[1] 23 March 1882 – 14 April 1935) was an influential German mathematician known for her groundbreaking contributions to abstract algebra andtheoretical physics. Described…

Shenandoah Dark Hollow Falls

Shenandoah Dreaming

Today is all about dreaming of Shenandoah National Park and vacation time. I can’t wait to get back there. Can’t wait!! The photo is of Dark Hollow Falls, a short but wicked hike. But…

Boone Homestead

PHMC Charter Day

This Sunday, March 8, is Charter Day for all the PHMC sites. What that means is great programming and free admission! As sad as I am about the PHMC policies in recent years that…


Climate Action Plan

The WCU  Climate Action Plan. 52 pages. The report can be viewed online here on the website of the ACUPCC (American College & University Presidents’ Climate Committment). I was tasked with coming up with…

84 vehicles transportation


I’m a great fan of infographics. Partly because I love to draw and partly because I think they are truly great at communicating in a visual fashion what you need to say. I was…


Social Work Matters!

The Department of Social Work needed a redesign of their recruiting fact sheets for their graduate program. I put together a package that included a presentation folder and 3 ‘quick fact’ info sheets. I…

Longwood Gardens Orchids

Longwood Gardens Orchids

After weeks of brutal cold, yesterday the temps went to 45 degrees. Seemed like summer! Perfect day for a stroll through Longwood Gardens to see the orchids. And Lilies!