Bombay Hook in October

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Great trip to Bombay Hook NWR for fall migration. You haven’t seen a sunrise until you see it at Bombay Hook. Always spectacular!

Some hints for visiting:

Hilton Garden Inn, Dover: Really great place to stay that is on Route 13. About 5 miles to the Waffle House and a 20 minute trip to the refuge.

Waffle House, Smyrna: Open 24-7. Great waffles and bacon. Coffee not so much.

The Hook: Most of┬áthe action is at the various pools up front — Raymond, Bear Swamp, Shearness. The boardwalk on the road to the pools is good for finding fiddler crabs. Spring and fall are great times to visit. The summer is seriously buggy — as in, can’t get out of the car buggy. If you can deal with it, Finis Pool is the place to go for frogs and dragonflies.

Other things to see: John Dickinson Plantation (free!) and the shallow beach down at Kitt’s Hummock which is known for horseshoe crabs. There is the Ted Harvey Wildlife Management Area but that is really for hunters with a variety of duck blinds and deer stand areas. Close to the Dickinson Plantation is the Air Force Mobility Command Museum (free!) and a must see.


Mallard hen at Bear Swamp Pool.


John Dickinson House on Kitt’s Hummock Road near the Air Force Mobility Command Museum.


The beach at Kitt’s Hummock.


Great beach combing opportunities along Kitt’s Hummock.


Horseshoe crabs everywhere. They storm these beaches in the spring to lay their eggs.

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