Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

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Bombay Hook NWR.

2591 Whitehall Neck Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

Approximately 60 miles south of Wilmington, Delaware. Fabulous place to spend the day. Added bonus? WAFFLE HOUSE right off DE-1 South on US 13 before you make the turn onto Smyrna-Leipsic Road.

Great White Egret at the Finnis Pool
Great White Egret at the Finis Pool


Snowy Egret in breeding plumage


A different snowy egret shot with the Minolta 500mm mirror. Probably don’t even need to say that as it is readily apparent from the background bokeh that is pretty typical of mirror lenses when there is not a background with homogenous tones.


Not every bird at the Hook is a big wading bird. Red-winged blackbirds are everywhere. As are tree swallows. This time of year the pools are filling up with shorebirds — yellowlegs particularly on our trip with some black-necked stilts.


A quick whistle caused this tree swallow to pop his head out of the box.



And not every creature is feathered. Feisty crab by the little boardwalk out over the salt marsh.

We also spotted an 8 foot black water snake slithering quickly across the road, fishing spider over by Bear Swamp boardwalk, and a diamondback terrapin at Sheerness Pool area. There were also bald eagles cruising the mud flats and turkey vultures back by Finis Pool. Frogs could be heard (but not seen) and the Odonata were out! Very large Odonata including the very beautiful Halloween Pennant.

Now is a great time to visit Bombay Hook. As the warmer weather approaches so do the biting insects.


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