DuPont Environmental Education Center

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The Dupont Environmental Education Center is located in the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, DE. All the years we’ve been going to Frawley Stadium we never knew it was there. Found it on a random google.

1400 Delmarva Lane
Wilmington, DE 19801

Take your best route to Frawley Stadium. Stay on Shipyard Road & it turns into Delmarva Lane. It will look like a dead end but there is a road off to the left. There are also blue signs pointing to the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge.

Access to the visitor center and the refuge requires walking across a bridge. There is no ground floor access to the building due to the railroad tracks. Fair warning if you have issues with heights or open spaces. This may be uncomfortable.

Worth bringing a variety of lenses — macro, telephoto, landscape. While there are birds at the site I would not call this a birding location. This is however, a really good place to photograph insects. We found some very nice odonata right out of the gate — Common Whitetail, Twelve-Spotted Skimmer, and the beautiful Needham’s Skimmer.

Female Needham’s Skimmer

While we didn’t see any turtles except for in the visitor center, we did find a blue crab hanging out in the small pond accessible from the boardwalk at the beginning of the boardwalk loop. That little spot is also the best place we found to see odonata.

Blue Crab

Continuing along the loop we found skipper butterflies, damselflies, cicadas and a wonderful black & yellow garden spider hanging in her web. The loop is a great spot for macro work.

Cicada on a cattail


Black & Yellow Spider

Even if you aren’t interested in photographing wildlife, the scenery options are pretty good. You have the Christiana River, some great views of downtown Wilmington, and the interesting architectural angles presented by the visitor center and connecting ramps & bridges.

Looking forward to returning for the Marshes & Monarchs program on September 24, 2017.


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