Even Knitting is fraught with Drama

I would really like to find a good knitting circle. I tried one off and on for the past 6 months and … no. Just. No. Because one individual makes that particular meet up totally toxic.Lesson one: Always listen to your gut instinct. I knew early on this group had issues but I kept hoping that there would be a good/better/different mix of knitters at the meet ups. Didn’t happen. And this one woman? Jesus. Overbearing, ignorant and just plain rude behavior all cloaked under the guise of  “i’m just being honest”. Wow. Sharp and nasty criticisms would be guaranteed to fly about other knitters choices of patterns, yarns, suppliers, life choices, cable TV providers, you-name-it.

Well, enough is enough. The group isn’t going to improve and I’m not interested in being co-dependent. I mean, this is knitting for Christ’s sake. A meet up is supposed to be an enjoyable, encouraging, creative space. I have several other groups checked off as being worth a visit or two, and there is the local yarn store which has a very nice knitting circle, although schedule wise not always the most convenient for me.