Stephen West Mystery KAL

Okay, the actual mystery is why I started this. I’m generally not the type of person who will knit something they haven’t seen finished. It sounded like fun. It’s not. But at this stage, in for a penny, in for a pound.


The pattern repeats pretty much as you see it. Alternating parallelograms in the base color with alternating bands of 2 different colors. It looks clownish. I don’t mind some intarsia but this is mind boggling with a zillion ends to weave in. I generally like Stephen West’s patterns, but this is a swing and a miss. The pattern gives options for small, medium, large. This will absolutely be a small. The damnable thing is that the prep directions have you split each of your skeins into two balls because of all the intarsia, so now I have some really lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light chopped up into pieces. Hence the need to forge ahead and a least get something out of this other than a lot of unused small bits of expensive yarn.