I am an artist, a graphic designer, an historian, and a Revolutionary War reenactor.

DSCN0013.JPG In my 18th century life I can sometimes be found plying the trade of “limner”. Limner is an 18th century term used to describe the often untrained artists in the American colonies. Many limners painted utlitarian objects such as trade and tavern signs. Sometimes they painted decorative objects such as clock faces and fire screens. And sometimes they painted people. During the American Revolution limners would paint regimental standards (flags) and regimental drums.

The term ‘limner’ is a corruption of the medieval ‘illuminator’. As in the monks who created illuminated — heavily illustrated — manuscripts. I work with various mediums and tools that were used in the 18th century.

 In my modern life I work as a graphic designer. I like to use my hybrid background of fine arts training and advanced graduate work in Colonial American history to inform my work.

My portfolio is a combination of all the things I do whether it be professionally or personally. A mix of print design, web design, watercolor, ink, graphite, charcoal, and so on. The list of DSCN0023products I have designed is legion — brochures, posters, postcards, business cards, flyers, logos, catalogs, perfect bound books, magazines, pocket folders, tshirts, newsletters, bus tails, rail posters, billboards, large format display (hanging banners, retractable banners, wall display). I have also done a variety of web graphics, web ads, online newsletters, and Constant Contact graphics. I can also turn printed documents into ePubs.

MAC fluent. Highly proficient in the Adobe CS Suite of software. Expert in print processes and workflow. Highly experienced in dealing with vendors.

2291068THE Black Hound? That would be Mitzi aka Tiko Fancy, retired racing greyhound who retired from this life in 2012 after an amazing 15 years of life. Appropriately for this household of American Revolutionary War enthusiasts, born on the 4th of July!

She was adopted from Greyhound Pets of America, Maryland. We picked her up at an exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike straight off the dog hauler that was headed to Florida for the winter season. She had been one of the dogs left behind at Shoreline Star racing track in CT. After 4.5 years of running for her life. Their loss was our gain. She was a charming hound, full of personality and joy.

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