Great white heron JHNWR Flickr Explored

Explored! on Flickr!

Pretty excited. The first photo Explored on Flickr! Shot down at John Heinz NWR. Great White Heron. The exceptionally amazing part of making Explore is that the photo was taken with the Minolta 500mm Rokkor-X which is a manual lens. Very tricky to use especially with wildlife. It’s encouraging that getting a good shot with […]

snowy egret at john heinz

September at JHNWR

Another day at John Heinz NWR. This place is addicting. Beautiful expanses, lots of wildlife, easy access and very friendly bird-watchers and photographers. Readily admit we are not bird-watchers but the bird-watchers on the boardwalk were more than happy to show us the celebrity of the moment. A Marbled Godwit who had apparently lost his […]


Cherry Springs State Park

In early October we will be field tripping up to Coudersport, PA, to visit Cherry Springs State Park. The darkest spot east of the Mississippi River and a destination for anyone wanting to do astrophotography or just plain stargaze. We had planned to try astrophotography earlier this year on a summer trip to Shenandoah National […]

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