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Verizon. AGAIN.

The details are irrelevant. Suffice to say another billing cockup with Verizon. Another equipment cockup with Verizon. And no one wants to be responsbile or provide a solution UNTIL you result to dogshaming. Yes, dogshaming*.

Dogshaming in this context is posting on the Verizon community forums. Calling customer service directly yields zero results. But once you post something on the public forums that are indexed by Google you will get a response from a customer support person via email to start a private support resolution. And you will get someone calling you the next day. With a solution.

The question is why it has to work like this. Why are solutions not provided at 1-800-Verizon? It also begs the question as to why there are problems in the first place over really basic issues like getting the service you contracted for at the price you contracted for.

The other wacky component in all of this is that even the private support people don’t have administrative authority to correct a specific problem with a specific fix. They have to dig around in their archive of special offers and find some offer that hasn’t expired and apply it to your case. They don’t have the ability to customize solutions. They don’t even seem to have the ability to give you the deal you contracted for in the first place. They have to do these contorted workarounds.

I’m still not sure if our problem is solved. I have to wait for the next billing cycle and see if the latest layer of workarounds actually ¬†…. work.

*the one and only Dogshaming website is a marvel to behold. Go visit them. It will make your day.




Horrifying experience and it’s not close to being over. ¬†From a casual Google it would appear that FIOS installation is a relief act for landscapers. I wouldn’t be so angry if it was just a lawn issue, or a planting was trampled. This clown did structural damage to my front steps. As in digging up my decorative pavers and then haphazardly putting them back in, throwing a doormat over it. I guess he was hoping we wouldn’t see it?

FIOS damage

FIOS property damage