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Knitting: Owls Cardigan Sweater

Owls cardigan sweater

Finally finished this lovely pattern from Kate Davies. I converted it to a cardigan and decided to only provide ‘eyes’ to only one owl. Buttons came from the stash.

Really nice knit. Went relatively fast since it is Bulky yarn that I got from Knitpicks. Which also made it an affordable project. Hopefully it will wear well. I have to say the fit is fabulous. I didn’t do the back shaping which was a good decision. Shaping is all on the sides. I also didn’t do the short rows for the back neck because I just didn’t like the way they looked but that choice ¬†doesn’t seem to have marred the finished project. I highly recommend the pattern.

Thankfully Irene has come and gone. OF COURSE we lost power. Power was out for 2 days. Saved by our generator. AGAIN. Hooray for PECO Energy and their spiffy service. Glad we pay such exorbitant rates for it. Not.

Finding your way to anywhere over the beginning of last week was like navigating through a maze. Between water and downed trees and electrical crews (the only ones we saw were from OUT OF STATE) it took 2x as long to get anywhere. At least we weren’t Connecticut. Or Vermont. Or New Jersey.

Lots of down time = Lots o’ knitting.


Verdaia by Jodie St. Clair. Great pattern. Fast knit. Beautiful result. The Madelinetosh Sock in Jade sure doesn’t hurt.

This Way Up

This Way Up is a free pattern on Ravelry. I got it from the “Knitting Pattern A Day” calendar. This should have been easy. I had beaucoup trouble reading the chart even with enlarging it. But a nice basic scarf that gender neutral.

I’m prepping for the Madelinetosh multicolor shawl KAL. Colors: Violin and Cloak. I think I’m gonna wing it and design my own pattern.

Stephen West Mystery KAL

Okay, the actual mystery is why I started this. I’m generally not the type of person who will knit something they haven’t seen finished. It sounded like fun. It’s not. But at this stage, in for a penny, in for a pound.


The pattern repeats pretty much as you see it. Alternating parallelograms in the base color with alternating bands of 2 different colors. It looks clownish. I don’t mind some intarsia but this is mind boggling with a zillion ends to weave in. I generally like Stephen West’s patterns, but this is a swing and a miss. The pattern gives options for small, medium, large. This will absolutely be a small. The damnable thing is that the prep directions have you split each of your skeins into two balls because of all the intarsia, so now I have some really lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light chopped up into pieces. Hence the need to forge ahead and a least get something out of this other than a lot of unused small bits of expensive yarn.