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Family Room Remodel

My latest brainstorm is to document the house remodeling starting with the family room. I wish I had a good “before” photo at hand, but I don’t. But I do have a photo of what it looks like now.


Instead of being able to have the carpet installers rip up the old carpet and padding we have to do all the remediation ourselves because the dearly departed canine pissed all over my carpet in her declining years and I was not going to risk any stray odor finding its way from the porous concrete slab into the new carpet. So the carpet and padding were removed. Next step is to mop the floor with a bleach solution. Then paint with Killz. THEN the carpet installers can come around.

And yes, that is mastic on the floor. Somewhere in this house’s distant past there was sheet linoleum on the slab. The owners previous to us ripped it up and laid carpet.

Speaking of carpet, we chose a Karastan SmartFiber carpet. Lentini in the color Nobility.

Other things to do in here:

remove the old baseboard heaters that haven’t been used in over 15 years and patch the drywall.
remove the old thermostat that controlled the heaters and patch drywall.
repaint the walls with Benjamin Moore “windswept” which is a neutral beige with a yellow tint.
install new floor moldings painted white.
repaint framing around the fireplace for the time being. The fireplace is going to get a ripout at some point. The old slate hearth is not in the best of shape. I plan on a stone front and mantel installation.
paint windowsills white.
replace current white mini blinds with wooden blinds.

And all the furniture goes merrily out the door!!