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The most people I have seen at Brandywine Battlefield since the PHMC cut the knees out from under ALL the Revolutionary War sites in the State of PA. Of course if you want to visit the Log Museum or the Oil Derrick you are just fine. I’m sure that cutting out the funding for all the Rev War and F&I sites and keeping the lame-ass industrial sites in the middle of nowhere had absolutely nothing to do with the makeup of the committee and where the sites were located. JUST SAYIN’.

Also great to see that the items that were looted from the battlefield’s museum collection by PHMC have been returned.

This past weekend I attended the Revolutionary War muster at the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Creek State Park. Great fun! It is a working 18th century farm with an onsite ‘farmer’ and ‘farmer’s wife’ that live on the farm and maintain it. They also have heritage livestock including a great sow with her wee piglets.


One of the things I love to do is work in the 18th century as an 18th century artist, or ‘limner’ as they were called. And being a reenactor I have a ready cast of characters to use as models. This fellow is an American rifleman. The portrait is done in graphite (or plumbago as it was called in the 18th century) and charcoal on laid paper.

American Revolutionary War rifleman. Graphite portrait.

American Revolutionary War rifleman. Graphite portrait.