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I replaced my basic Sprint phone with an LG840G Tracfone. I never used much in the way of minutes on my Sprint phone so I thought this would be a good idea especially since the LG840 comes with Triple Minutes for Life.

The phone itself works just fine. It comes with WiFi which I guess is a bonus, but I’m not happy about one big tradeoff. I assumed (silly me) that any phone with bluetooth capability would work with the Ford SYNC system in my car. The Sprint phone worked flawlessly and I really liked the ability to use voice commands to dial the phone and make a call while driving. Totally hands-free. I can no longer do that because the LG840 does not work with SYNC. No one wants to own the problem — SYNC or Tracfone. The syncmyride.com forums are full of complaints. Pages and pages. So now I have a phone that doesn’t work with SYNC. Great. Just great.

The other pain in the butt is that it is almost impossible to find a case or a skin that actually fits the phone. The phone is smaller than an iPhone or Galaxy so all the standard cases at 5 Below and places like that swamp the LG840. I also haven’t been able to find anything on Amazon. There are skins and cases for the predecessor LG800 but not much for the LG840.

On an operational level, yes there is a Qwerty keyboard and no, it is not usable for all functions where you have to input text. So that sucks too.

So I’m sorta bummed. Yes, it does make phone calls and it is easy to operate and maybe to some people no having SYNC or a decent case doesn’t matter but it does to me. And that’s what counts. I feel sorta ripped off.

The Verdict


The Good: Easy to operate. Cheap to own. Built in WIFI.

The Bad: Not all keyboards are Qwerty. Does not work with the Ford SYNC system. Crummy choice of skins and covers.